Friday, February 25, 2011

10 thing about GIRLS including me (:

♥ When she misses you : she's hurting inside.
♥ When she says "its over" : she still wants you to be hers
♥ When she starts cursing at you : tell her you love her.
♥ When she ignores you : give her your attention.
♥ When you see her start crying : just persuade her and don't say a word.
♥ When she's scared : protect her.
♥ When she doesn't answer for a long time : reassure her that everything is okay.
♥ When she says that she loves you : she really does more than you could understand.
♥ When she tells you a secret : keep it safe and untold.
♥ When you break her heart : the pain never really goes away

-p/s : Amirul Shukery sayang, ni Naddy bagi dekat you kan? Haaa dah faham dah sekarang?

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