Friday, April 1, 2011

That is the reason

Tengok tu! Annoyingkan muka dia pada gambar ketiga dan keempat?
Comel habis lah tu -.-

Kay aku tengok gambar ni dalam Album Acah. Aku jadi seakan akan kalau orang pandang boleh kata aku gilalah sebab senyum sorang sorang. Sebab gambar kau ah b! Muka tu tak boleh buat elok sikit? Kenapa mesti macam tu? LEMPANG NAK? -.- But it's okay. This is the reason why I still love you until now. Because of your attitude. Never let me feel bored when I am with you. I'm happy to be with you because you always make me laugh and smile all the time. You cheer me up when i'm really down. You make me think that the happiness is really mine when i'm with you. When I was so happy, when I couldn't stop smiling, when everything feels so right, I remember when everyone told me i'm the happiest and lucky person on earth. Until you walked in my life, everything was going crazy ever since then. I'm so happy and thank you so much. I really really appreciate it!

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