Sunday, June 13, 2010


Last night, i got the whole night with my pet sister (Ayda). We lie down together on the road and see the stars, count the stars and wrote something at sky. How sweet we are? Oh yeaaah comeeel aku tahuu hihi :) I swear i will never ever forget about the way we had done together. Crying together, laughing together, happy together and sad together. I was like your dairy and you like mine. Share everything.
Sampaikan masing masing takde duit. Adik 50 sen and akak 50 sen. Hahaha comeeel kan :DDD Yeahh, i do love you so much. When im with you, no more tears akak. You like my one only Angel. OMG!! I got to go guys. Take caree Loveeeeees (:

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