Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pray for her health

Hey reader's, I'm Syeera. Qiela's bestfriend. I'm here just want to tell you guy's something. I don't know what is Qiela's problem actually which she's never say anything to me. She just ask me to update her blog. She gave me her email and password. Here's the short of story. Qiela just returned yesterday form the Hospital Kuala Lumpur. She looked very weak. And today. She breakfast in the morning, she was on medication, she updates her blog and she told me that she want to finished her folio. Not until several previous page she write then she go to her bedroom. She slept. She complains that she is so tired. Her body is weak. I worry she will health. Together we pray that she is quickly recovering. And today I'm and Kak Ayda with her all day until Kak Ayda send her to tuition at 5.30pm. That's all. Thank you!

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