Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Love you more than everything baby

Yeahh I love you more than everything baby . You tak pernah jemu layan I even I mengada sangat sangat . Kalau you tak "sayang" I , I tak nak kawan you kan . Ohh "sayang" it means "kiss dahi" . Thank you sayang . You try to understand my situations and you always be there when I need you and I always need you here by my side . I just don't know what to say how happy am I to be with you . You make my day . You make me laugh all the way . Tak pernah masam duduk dengan you , tak boleh masam pun . Asyik gelak je manjang :P Baby you know what ? You the best I ever had . I swear ! Kalau boleh tak nak you pergi . I love you yes I really do . But complicated b :( Kenapa I yang kena ? I tak tahu sampai bila I boleh bertahan dengan keadaan macam ni . I dah letih :(

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