Sunday, October 17, 2010

7 days to go :'(

Sayang , you got only 7 days . What suppose I do for you to make you always happy and never let you down ? I'm weak baby . I have nothing .I just don't want to see you unhappy . If I make my own choose to be with you . Would you be happy forever and never let me down ? Hmm entahlah you . Ada jodoh then kita go on . I'm sorry . Our situation now is really complicated . Damnnn ! Tapi yang penting I nak celebrate your birthday party besar besaran and nak you nyanyi lagu yang I bagi you tu with playing guitar . I nak semua orang dengar lagu tu and hope they can feel what you feel inside now . I'm sad . I don't know why . You I nak lari jauh jauh and I hope I balik nanti I nak tengok you senyum je . No more sadness face . You said I am your Angel , your Princess and everything is me . But I can't do nothing . I can't making you smile . I can't making you happy and I can't make your day . I always make you sad every day . Am i right baby ? I miss the old us . Serious :(

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