Saturday, July 17, 2010

Kakak im sorry :( I know you are hurt now . But i didnt mean it . For me you are the best . No other . Yeah i have them . But they hurt me . They are not the best . You ! You've never wound my heart . You hold my heart so tightly . You hold it like you love me so much . I need the old you , i miss you kakak . You are change now . I just need the old you . Mana kakak adik yang pujuk adik time adik nangis dekat perhimpunan bila adik ternampak Iskandar ? Mana kakak adik yang bagi semangat dekat adik ? Mana kakak adik yang selalu buat adik gelak dekat perhimpunan ? Adik rindu dia sangat sangat . Please come back and i miss you so much :(

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